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Oct 17, 2017

In this episode, co-conductors Gino and Chris "ZombiePie" -REDACTED- take some listener questions, discuss chapters 3 and 4 of Final Fantasy X-2, and debut a new feature for future FFX-2 episodes. We take questions on the appropriateness of ketchup as a pasta sauce additive, the FF TCG, and Chris's absurd idea to perform a "Four Job Fiesta" during his first playthrough of FF5. We then make ourselves sad by talking about the many, many flaws of the middle sections of FFX-2. We wrap things up by finding love again during a concert in the rain. This game people. This fucking game.

Reki Wylls
almost seven years ago

Consider this an addendum to the other comment since I'm seemingly incapable of remembering everything I meant to write in one go:

By the time this is read, you guys will have gotten five very different experiences all called Final Fantasy under your belts, so what do you think the merits and demerits are of having a series that offers such diverse types of gameplay, genres, stories, and aesthetics?
Having some familiar elements that I enjoy such as monster designs, but without knowing what the next entry will bring is perhaps my favorite part of Final Fantasy--as someone who primarily values exploration and discovery in games. On the other hand, I find that it's easy to get bummed out if the next game ends up not being what I wanted. This is also a maturity issue, but that aspect is probably also what creates such toxicity in some segments of the FF fanbase, due to being split across so many different, great games.

Is there a point at which these games would be better off dropping the FF name and start being individual games, though this would never happen for business reasons, even if they continue to share things like designs? I'm curious what you guys think.

Reki Wylls
almost seven years ago

If we're just ruining Gino's day with food-based sadness, I've got something to fuel the rival pain train. A long while ago, I recall ZP saying that he put ketchup on rice; I don't know what kind of rice he uses, but I've put ketchup on brown rice before and it's a solid combo.
Ranch is bad, though. Can't follow you down that road, ZP.

Quick question! With the FF games being the only JRPGs ZP has played, what does ZP think JRPGs are as a genre? Does he like it? Does he intend to try others? What does his ideal JRPG look like?

We'll have this fight in ten years when we get to it, but I still think XV is one of the better FF games overall. I would like to hear what about the game Gino knows of that makes him dislike it, or if it's a fear that it follows the dark path FF has gone down since XIII.