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May 2, 2017

In this episode Pete, Billy, and Gino discuss Dust: An Elysian Tale and burn some calories. While Gino rides a stationary bike, the crew discusses Dust's development history, it's many of close-but-not-quite-perfect systems, and it's semi-disappointing story. We also discuss the Brooklyn Nets again because how could we not.

over seven years ago

Dear Gino,
I have no idea if this e-mail will be read on the normal podcast, or the Final Fantasy podcast, but either will do. I want to preface this e-mail by first congratulating you on successfully piloting another edition of the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run. The money you raised will be put to good use, and you should be proud of this.

HOWEVER, I feel it is important to mention how physically taxing some of your streams were. The three worst offenders being you (i.e. Gino), nickieroonie, and ZombiePie. To Gino, I would like to mention how you played large swaths of Final Fantasy V, on top of your more physical tasks, without proper breaks and hydration. I can only imagine it took days to recover from your many streams. Nickieroonie’s stream was a depression factory. Watching a grown man eat food to become increasingly miserable, and throw-up, is one of the worst things you can do. At one point I was afraid the man would give himself food poisoning or irritable bowel syndrome. Then there was Chris “ZombiePie” -Redacted-. The man played a day and a half of Final Fantasy VIII. At one point he admitted to what I think were compound headaches and hallucinations. Not only that, but on the third day he played Final Fantasy VIII for nine hours without taking a single break. No person should ever do this.

So again, thank you for raising money for charity, but maybe next time not have it come at the cost of your own physical well-being.