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Jun 7, 2017

In this episode Gino, Billy, and Pete discuss Always Sometimes Monsters and things take a dark turn. After some initial expository discussion Pete and Gino take turns venting about different issues they had with the game. Billy tries to inject some light, but there was no saving Always Sometimes Monsters from the critique. We go in-depth with every mechanic in the game: from the stamina system to the mundane mini-games to the game's cardiac tone. At least Super Mario Sunshine is up next...

six and a half years ago

I broke out the PS1 this weekend and played the first half of Castlevania SOTN for the first time in years and I remembered why I loved it growing up. Do you think there is enough there to do a full episode on it? I know you're not really doing retro games right now but It would definitely like to hear what the deep listens crew has to say about it

six and a half years ago

I'm super excited for the Persona 5 podcasts. I feel you Gino, I will obsessively talk about that game with anyone and everyone.