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Sep 15, 2015

In this episode the Deep crew are joined by Elise "Hyasiance" Stevenson to talk about DOTA 2 and her awesome play like a girl experiment!  Each of the regular podcast members discuss their experiences playing DOTA 2 while visibly and audibly female.  Hya also explains the larger findings of her experiment and her own positive and negative experiences with the DOTA 2 community.  We also discuss the e-sports community, DOTA 2's steep learning curve, and how DOTA 2 functions like a game of pickup basketball.

You can contribute to and read about Hya's play like a girl experiment here:!Read-about-Play-Like-a-Girl-phase-one/cjtn/83808D7A-6CD5-4B97-B549-6D1677127E49 

almost nine years ago

There are a few facts you need to get straight (no one has 9k mmr yet x) and chess human/computer performances, from my understanding humans have just no chance of winning versus a computer at chess anymore) you also deviated a bit too much on the dota chitchat talk but overall I enjoyed listening especially the basketball/chess comparisons! keep it up :)

Ryan McPoland
almost nine years ago

I would definitely have to agree with the learning curve for dota 2. You lose gold when you get killed, ability to freeze the lane by last hitting and/or creep denying and stacking camps when jungling. League's community isn't that much better when it comes to toxicity and the tutorial system was better since you had to get to level 30 in order to start playing ranked. I remember getting flamed in Cyrillic and getting verbally abused in what sounded like Russian. Rothgar taught me a lot but I got overwhelmed pretty quick. My favorite character was Axe. I remember playing a game with Rothgar and That Penguino where I died 3 times top lane (which in dota2 was a lot) and Rothgar politely asked me if I could head into jungle and do camps there, where I was less likely to do more damage to the team. Keep up the great work, thoroughly enjoyed!