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Jun 28, 2017

In this episode Gino and Chris "Zombiepie" -REDACTED- discuss the end of Final Fantasy X! That means we discuss all of the madness that you've been anticipating! We also discuss Chris's continued inability to remember the simple elemental system in FFX and his reluctance to abuse the game's mechanics. 

We then wrap up by sorting out FFX's place in our definitive list of Final Fantasy games. Do we have a new game on the top of the list?

Coming up next... FFX-2.

Patrick Wong
over seven years ago

You didn't sing the lyrics of Suteki Da Ne at the end of the podcast! You had better sing Real Emotion or I will never listen to another episode of your podcast!

P.S. Why is Zombie always a month behind for his blog versions of the Final Fantasy podcasts?

P.S.S. Gino what if you punished your co-hosts when they forget to do their podcast homework or forget to be on time for the podcast by having them play a Japanese Visual Novel with ZP and forcing them to record a twenty-minute podcast? That seems like it would help with your production issues.

over seven years ago

Dear God, please don't play Final Fantasy X-2 all the way through as in +100% that game. It sounds like Final Fantasy X resonated with Chris in a way he was not anticipating, and that's great even though I don't share the same opinion. Final Fantasy X-2 is a shameless cash grab when Square was in a bind for money. I guess my question to Gino is whether or not he counts X-2 as a proper entry in the main Final Fantasy franchise, or does it resonably qualify as a spin-off much like Dirge of Cerebus or Revenant Wings.

over seven years ago

I 100% agree on the FF ranking thus far! FFIX is drastically underrated.

Reki Wylls
over seven years ago

Does the Giant Bomb staff know that ZombiePie, one of their esteemed moderators, holds these views of Mario Party 3?