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Mar 29, 2018

In this episode Gino and Chris "ZompiePie" -REDACTED- discuss the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. We start out with some GBCER announcements and listener feedback before pivoting to the FF TCG. Chris takes exception to the fact that the FF TCG is a trading card game while Gino delves into the specifics of what separates the FF TCG from it's clear progenitor: Magic: The Gathering. We wrap up by ranking the FF TCG among all of the Final Fantasy games.

almost six years ago

Has either of you read or watched Brad Shoemaker's review of FFX-2? While I suspect both of you will disagree with the overall score, I think it is one of the best works of writing Brad has produced in his career. There are a handful of poignant lines in the review. The video review is also worth checking out.