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May 17, 2017

In this episode Gino and Chris "Zombiepie" -REDACTED- answer some audience questions and concerns about their self-destructive endurance runs and their self-destructive Nekopara talk. They then transition to breakdowns of their FFV and FFVIII playthroughs. This leads to a re-evaluation of FFVIII's place on their scientific FF rankings list. They finish up by sending FFVIII out the only way they know how... with song.

over seven years ago

I was wondering if you guys could role-play as NJ4LYFE upon the reveal that Boston would get the #1 2017 draft pick while the Nets are stuck with the #22 and #27 picks. I can only imagine how the only hardcore Nets fan would spin this as a positive.

over seven years ago

If Gino were to scientifically rank every game Chris forced him to play, what would gods rankings look like? It seems Chris picks mostly soul crushing experiences on Gino with a few exceptions.