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Aug 23, 2017

In this episode Gino and Chris "Zombiepie" -REDACTED- answer some listener questions about the deep despair FFX-2 is inflicting on their lives. ZP is also taken to task for dolling out terrible MTG advice during a recent live stream. They then discuss the events of chapter 2 in FFX-2. This means that they've hit some of the worst stuff in the game! They've endured clothes stealing, hot spring baths, massages, Noojie-Woojie, and Bevelle's sub-basement. This is the dark early-middle chapter.

almost seven years ago

HELP! Your constant referencing of the Final Fantasy TCG has me contemplating buying a starter deck, and populating my deck with my favorite Final Fantasy characters. I have six blind packs in my Amazon shopping chart! Someone please stop me from wasting my money in hope of getting a Legendary Cloud.

almost seven years ago

I do not want to incur the wrath of Gino but there is something Chris said I would like to echo. I too use ketchup to make spaghetti sauce sweeter and more tomtatoe-y. I get it, it isn't the only or best additive for pasta sauce, but it is the additive I am guaranteed to have. Plus, in the part of the UK where I live, good fresh tomatoes are sometimes hard to come by and the canned sauces that are available can be bracingly acidic. So in comes ketchup to save the day! Best wishes in surviving the trash fire that is FFX2!