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Sep 28, 2017

This is a follow up episode to our last interview with Kyle after GP New Jersey. Thanks to his Top 8 finish in New Jersey, Kyle was able to compete in Pro Tour Hour of Devastation in Kyoto! He explains how he prepared for the tournament, what deck he played, how he did, and how he spent is first trip to Japan! We then transition to discussing Ixalan and the cards we think will impact new Standard. We close out with some rapid-fire questions.

Harry Ganz
six and a half years ago

Found this Magic School Bus game. Seems like it warrants further investigation:

six and a half years ago

Not sure which podcast this will be read on but I'll ask nonetheless. I was wondering if Gino could detail the lineage of JRPGs have multiple redundant gameplay systems. Between the Persona 5, FFX2, and TWEWY and constant criticism one or all podcast members have is there is too much needless busy work just for the sake of making your characters better killing machines. Why not have just one system which is fun and interactive, as well as fully realized, be what defines the mechanics of a JRPG? Now it seems every JRPG has sixteen minigames, a relationship system, equipment, crafting, levelling, skill trees, cards, elemental affinities, and dozens of the bullshitery as Gino would put it. Who started this annoying trend? Who or what can I blame for this?

P.S. I realize I write this on the wrong podcast, but I wrote it on my phone and did not feel like rewriting it. Sorry for any auto correct awkwardness.