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Jul 26, 2016

In this episode of Deep Listens, we are joined by video game composer and mix master 2 Mello to discuss his work and his views on music. We discuss how Mello became a composer for indie games, what his creative process has looked like for each of his projects, and how his role on each of his projects evolved over time. Then Mello discusses how he actually produced or found the sounds he used for the soundtrack of Read Only Memories. We eventually pivot to Mello's much beloved remix alums. Billy and Gino dive deep into some of their favorite albums, Chrono Jigga and Nastlevania with the maestro himself.  We finish up some advice from Mello to aspiring composers and a round of rapid fire questions.

You can find 2 Mello at and

 You can also listen to 2 Mello's music in the following games: and