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Sep 26, 2017

In this episode Gino and Pete are joined by Deep Listens superfan and Neku appreciator Kyle "RekiWylls" Young to discuss The World Ends With You. We start by responding to some feedback from Kyle on our Pyre discussion and that game's storytelling style. We then discuss the numerous unnecessary and inscrutable mechanics in TWEWY. Pete then leads a discussion on TWEWY's unique perspective on trendiness and consumer culture.

almost seven years ago

I have a fun creative writing assignment for the main cast of Deep Listens. Because half of your podcasts to discuss JRPGs, I was wondering if you could role play for a bit. If you could, assign each of your recurring podcast guests a JRPG secondary or sidekick ccharacter (i.e Zell, Makoto, Daffy Duck, etc.). Base this on their personality, play style, attitude, or what have you.

Now, to make this a bit easier, a have a list of podcast guest with more than one appearance on Deep Listens. They are:
Kyle (Magic the Gathering) 2
Dan Kempster 2
Tyler Morgan 3
Noelle 3
Devin 10
Chris 21 or 23, it depends if you count the two times he interrupted the main podcast.

I did not include your interviews or one-off guests because there have been a lot, and doing so would cause this question to become its own podcast.