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Dec 18, 2017

In this episode Gino, Pete, Billy, and Chris "ZombiePie" -REDACTED- discuss the games that defined our year! There are laughs. There are tears. There are fights. But most of all, there's love. Here are the categories for this year:

Best Comedy

Best Drama

Best Horror

Best Action

Best Adventure

Best Character

Best Soundtrack

Prettiest Game

Best Performance/Voice Acting

Best Mechanic

Worst Story

Best Twist

Game of the Year 2017

Gino's Platypus Award for Game That Should Not Be

Billy's Grindfather Award

John Paul Sartre Memorial Award for Game That Best Expresses the Ultimate Futility of the Human Condition

Bonus subcategory: Anthropocene Award for Game that most horrifyingly portrays a problem with modernity:

ZP's "Help I'm Trapped in Sysiphean Torment" Award

Game of Our Year 2017

over six years ago

I agree with Billy's saltiness. PUBG doesn't have a particularly interesting or original mechanic. You may have found it lots of fun, but I didn't agree with that final decision either.

Persona 5 was my personal GOTY, so I'm kind of surprised it didn't do better here because there was a lot of enthusiasm for it earlier. Everyone crossed it off the lists very quickly.

six and a half years ago

Here are my takeaways from the GOTY podcast.
1. I'm with Billy; PYRE GOT ROBBED! It presents a beautiful world, is a blast to play, and is a deviation from Supergiant Games’ previous outings.
2. Speaking of which, this was the saltiest I have ever heard Billy on a podcast.
3. Gino must be enthused with crayon and coloring kits at chain restaurants because that’s the only explanation I have for his defense of Magic Pengel in every category.
4. Don't fuck with ZP when you insult his anime bullshit because he will ice any fool who does.
5. ZP doesn’t like Life is Strange? “Actively dislike” seems incredibly harsh.
6. You should give each host a “point” whenever a game they brought to the podcast won a category. Whoever has the most points is the “King of the Trenchies.”