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Jul 11, 2017

In this episode Gino, Billy, and Devin discuss the opening hours of Persona 5. We discuss the tutorial, the systems, and the events up until the end of the first dungeon. This series is going to be long running and will feature more guests in the future. Join us as we get this marathon going!

over seven years ago

I see Gino recorded a podcast discussing a JRPG that was only one and a half hours long. Fucking amateurs. Great to hear you can talk about a 50+ hour JRPG without wanting to rip your heart from your chest ala Temple of Doom.

Anyway, as someone who has never played a JRPG in the style of the Persona or Megaten fancy, in what ways does Persona 5 pay homage to the genre, as well as fight JRPG stereotypes.

Thanks for reading this wonderfully enlightening comment, and I guess I'm back to the depression factory that is Final Fantasy X-2. The pain train does not stop, choo-choo.