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Mar 27, 2017

In this episode Chris "Zombiepie" -REDACTED- draws Gino into a terrible, terrible free-to-play Final Fantasy game. We discuss how bad it is and how insidious it's gameplay is. We then rate it amongst all of the FF games we've played. Do we have a new number one FF game!?

over seven years ago

I wanted to send this email to the Final Fantasy crew rather than the normal cadre of podcast hosts. I am a longtime Jerseyan who takes umbrage with your views on the Brooklyn Nets.They have plenty of talent just waiting to play a complete season healthy. There's no telling what Jeremy Lin will be able to do once healthy. Also, there's no denying who much Caris LeVert has improved in the last year. Yeah I get everyone thinks the Kevin Garnett-Paul Pierce trade is a hindrance, but they still have two first-round picks! I mean, the 76ers have rolled the dice on draft picks the past five years, and look where that's gotten them! Plus, they have money to spend, and there's no telling how many players are excited to play with Jeremy Lin as the Nets rebuild.

So once again, I love the podcast, but I think your criticism of the Nets is entirely misplaced. They had a bad season sure, but it was a by-product of injuries and nothing else.